Nature and Wi-Fi at Lakeside Melodies Resort

Published on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 in Internet

Lakeside Melodies Resort

Tucked away along the shore of Little Pleasant Lake outside of Three Rivers sits the Lakeside Melodies Resort, a quiet little collection of cottages that provides the perfect setting for boating, fishing, biking, hiking and more.

Owners Bill and Carla purchased the property in 2006 with the vision of creating a respite for visitors to step away from their everyday life and enjoy the serenity of nature. They welcome guests throughout the year with their hospitality, comforts of home and even live music, courtesy of Bill and his hammered dulcimer.

From the Blues Cottage which overlooks the fishing pier to the Music Hall Cottage, designed for large groups, with a private campfire and picnic area, Lakeside Melodies offers something to meet every need. Fishing enthusiasts will find Blue Gill, Crappy, Perch and Large Mouth Bass awaiting their hooks on this lake with no public access. Those who like to bike, hike or cross-country ski have easy access to hundreds of acres of nearby parks and miles of trails. Finally, for anyone who wants to simply relax and enjoy the surroundings, the resort offers a great scene for bird and wildlife watching.

In addition to the plenitude of opportunities for outdoor exploration, Bill and Carla understand that modern life requires Wi-Fi. After all, people want to share all their great pictures on social media! So as soon as they could, they subscribed to MEC internet. “Night and day,” that's how Bill describes his 100 Mbps plan versus his what he had with his previous provider. “Prior to having MEC, we suffered from internet outages every few days, and we barely got 1 Mbps speed. If any of our guests wanted to use the internet, they had to physically come close to the main house—even then the connection wasn't reliable,” he noted. Now, guests can access Wi-Fi from anywhere on the property, and they even have smart TVs in their cottages to stream shows on the days with Mother Nature decides outdoor recreation isn't an option.

Reliable internet isn't only vital to their resort business; Bill also works as an IT consultant and Carla is a travel journalist. A reliable connection is a utility as vital as electric and gas. This is why our internet construction project is so important to us. We understand first-hand what other providers don't: access to high-speed, dependable internet is critical to the success of people throughout rural America and geography shouldn't be a barrier to opportunity.

For more information on Lakeside Melodies, visit their website or check out their recent photos on Facebook.

Lakeside Melodies

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