Easily manage and protect all devices connected to your Wi-Fi.  

CommandIQ is available to MEC internet subscribers with managed Wi-Fi. 

Network Management

Manage the People, Places and Things that connect to your Wi-Fi. 



Manage what your kids can do online and when, prioritize devices for optimal bandwidth, and protect your kids from inappropriate content. 

$5.00/mo. (Starting Jan. 1, 2022 this will be included with all internet packages at no charge.)

Block Content

Filter Content 

Block inappropriate content by type or age. Enable safe searching. 

Block Applications Screen

Block Applications

Block apps entirely or limit access to a specific amount of time.

Block Websites

Block Websites

Turn on and off access to specific websites by entering their url.

Usage Screen

View Usage and Devices

Review internet activity for your kids and their devices.

Prioritize Activities

Prioritize Bandwith

Designate the devices and activities that you want to have the best bandwidth experience when you want it

Internet Access Time Limits Screen

Limit Screen Time

Schedule times to allow your children internet access for each day of the week.

Network SecurityProtectIQ

All Your Connected Devices Protected All The Time

Video doorbells. Alexa devices. Wi-Fi-enabled appliances. It seems like everything connects to Wi-Fi these days, and if it does, it needs protection against hackers and malware.

ProtectIQ automatically updates your network and all connected devices multiple times per week to ensure everything is guarded against the latest known threats. 

Please note: ProtectIQ should be used in conjunction with your regular security software on your devices as an added layer of protection.

$5.00/mo. (Starting Jan. 1, 2022 this will be included in all internet packages at no charge.)

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