You probably bank, email, stream, and game from your phone. Why not manage your internet network too? Our managed Wi-Fi service includes the CommandIQ™ mobile app that gives you control over your network and the devices connected to it. Keep your kids safe online, enforce screen-time boundaries, protect your network—all from the palm of your hand. 

CommandIQ Welcome Screen

Standard Features

  • Network Control: Easily change your network name and password.
  • Basic Parental Controls: Manually enable/disable internet access for devices and users.
  • Guest Networks: Got company coming? Set up a network to give them easy access while protecting your main network.
  • Device Snapshots: Review connected devices and connection stats.
  • Speed Test: See how fast your network is running with a simple tap.

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Enhanced Parental Controls

Protect your kids from inappropriate content online, limit screen time, and monitor your kids' internet usage with ExperienceIQ™.


Block Content

Filter Content 

Block inappropriate content by type or activity. Enable safe searching.

Block Applications Screen

Block Applications

Block apps entirely or limit access to a specific amount of time.

Block Websites

Block Websites

Turn on and off access to specific websites by entering their url.

Usage Screen

View Usage

See how long your kids spent on certain websites and apps.

Internet Access Time Limits Screen

Limit Screen Time

Schedule times to allow your children internet access for each day of the week.

Add ExperienceIQ to Your Managed Wi-Fi Service

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Network SecurityAdvanced Network Security

You have locks on every door and window; you need them on your network too. 

As hackers and malware become increasingly more sophisticated, your network requires an equally innovative solution. Add ProtectIQ™ to your app and protect your network from malicious activity and get alerted to blocked attempts to comprise your system.

Please note: ProtectIQ should be used in conjunction with your regular security software on your devices as an added layer of protection.


Add ProtectIQ to Your Managed Wi-Fi Service

Don't have our managed Wi-Fi? Check out our available services.

Download CommandIQ

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