Tech Talk: What Can Fiber Do For Me?

Published on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 in Internet

Virtual reality game with fiber internet

You've heard a lot of talk about fiber internet, but do you really know what it can do for you? Sure, it's faster, and will make your connection far more reliable and convenient. But do you know the other ways it will help? Here are a few things you may not know about fiber:

  1. Fiber is “future-proof.” In the internet industry, fiber is considered the most future-proof technology currently available. In other words, fiber provides such a fast, reliable connection that it can handle not only the data demands of today, but the demands that experts expect us to have for many years to come. It's not only the best technology for now—it will continue to be the best.
  2. Fiber raises your home's value. The Fiber-to-the-Home Council completed a national real estate study and found that access to fiber internet increases the value of a house up to 3.1%. Fiber improves your daily life and your long-term prospects if and when you decide to sell your home.
  3. Fiber powers a lot more than your computer. In the day we used the Internet only on our computers. Today we're using it to connect our thermostats, gaming systems, Smart TVs, refrigerators, cell phones, and tablets. The world of the “Internet of things” is here, and fiber provides enough power to keep you connected.
  4. Fiber solves the multiuser problem. Imagine this: your spouse is watching Netflix, you're browsing online, the kids are playing online games, and all of a sudden everyone is yelling because the Internet is too slow or keeps cutting out. In today's connected society, that's a daily reality in many households. With fiber internet, those situations become a thing of the past. Fiber lets you easily stream HD video and other data-heavy applications on multiple devices at once; no more fighting over the internet connection at home.

Fiber internet isn't just the latest thing; it's a technology that will serve you well for years to come. We're excited to bring you the same technology that is generally only available in the largest urban areas. Fiber makes a difference, and is helping us achieve our vision of vibrant, relevant and sustainable rural communities.