Choosing the right speed depends on the number of people in your home, the number of internet devices and what you plan to do online. 

In general, if your household has at least four people or you want to stream TV, we recommend our Ultra or Gig packages. Both packages can accommodate busy households with several devices, including connected thermostats, door bells, security systems and Smart TVs. They also work well for people who work from home, including students doing homework.

Generally, the more you have and the more you do, the higher speed you will need. If you have nine or more devices or more than 5 people in your household, you should consider our Gig speed to ensure everyone can do whatever they want online whenever they want without buffering or slow speeds.

These packages also include free managed Wi-Fi, which includes our router and 24/7 remote support should anything go wrong with your connection. We’ll also repair or replace your MEC router for free if necessary.

Take a Quiz

Don't take our word for it though. We recommend using a third-party tool to help you determine the best speed.  Broadbandnow.com offers a simple, straightforward quiz to help you evaluate your needs:


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