Please note, using external audio systems can lead to more frequent issues with audio syncing. If this is a recurring problem and you use external audio, please refer to your audio system's manual for ways to adjust sound settings. 

  1. Check another show or TV station in ViewLocal. If it works for other stations, the issue is with that particular station or show. In that case, simply try again later.
  2. Power off the device you are using to watch ViewLocal. Wait a couple of minutes and start it back up. 
  3. Disconnect external speakers and test the audio directly through your TV. If that fixes the problem, the issue is likely with your speakers. Refer to your manufacturer's user manual for help.
  4. Adjust your HDMI cable, if applicable:
    Ensure it's plugged in properly
    Connect the HDMI cable to a different port on the TV
    Reverse the ends of the HDMI cable
    If any of these measures seem to resolve the sound problem, you could have a problem with the HDMI ports on your TV or your HDMI cable.

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