Beware and Be Aware When Working on the Farm

Published on Friday, September 13, 2019 in Community

Whether you farm for a living or are more of a hobby farmer, it’s important to beware and be aware of the very real danger of the electric infrastructure that is all around you. Power lines crisscross the yards, farms, and neighborhoods that span the vast landscape of our communities, and we tend to be oblivious to their existence.

Here are some harvest safety tips for farmworkers:

  • Maintain a 10-foot clearance around all utility equipment in all directions.
  • Use a spotter and deployed flags to maintain safe distances from power lines and other equipment when doing field work.
  • If your equipment makes contact with an energized or downed power line, contact us immediately at 800.492.5989 and remain inside the vehicle until the power line is de-energized. In case of smoke or fire, exit the cab by making a solid jump out of the cab, without touching it at the same time, and hop away to safety.
  • Consider equipment and cargo extensions of your vehicle. Lumber, hay, tree limbs, irrigation pipe, and even bulk materials can conduct electricity, so keep them out of contact with electrical equipment.

Electricity is an integral part of life and living, but it’s also very dangerous. Beware and be aware.