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Arlo services are intended to work on your primary residence. If you are seeking Arlo on an outbuilding or barn, it must have a reliable internet connection, preferably via ethernet cable. You can have your Arlo doorbell wired to your existing system for $2 less per month, and you will not use the Arlo chime. However, the MEC install tech will determine during installation if this is feasible. Self-install of camera equipment is not an option.

You must be an MEC fiber internet customer to sign up for an Arlo subscription. All Arlo subscriptions last for 24 months, after which you can choose whether to renew. We also offer the following package add-ons for an additional monthly cost:

CNET dubbed the Arlo Video Doorbell as the best video doorbell of 2024.

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MEC fiber internet is required. 

Exclusive Benefits for MEC Customers 


We’ve partnered with Arlo to offer you total home visibility without breaking the bank – plus exclusive benefits when you sign up through MEC:

  • No upfront camera cost
  • Camera install and network configuration performed by local MEC technicians
  • Your cameras are optimized to work with MEC fiber internet
  • If something breaks, we replace it*
  • Need help with your ARLO? Enjoy MEC tech support as part of your service
  • 30 days of video history & object detection
  • Includes ProtectIQ automatic hacker blocking through the free CommandIQ app

* Subject to terms and conditions. 

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MEC fiber internet is required. 

 More Than Just a Camera

Arlo is much more than just a set of cameras. With Arlo Secure or Arlo Secure Plus, included with your Arlo subscription, you have access to a variety of hi-tech detection and response features:Arlo

  • Up to 2K Video Resolution
  • 30-Day Video History
  • Motion Notifications
  • Interactive Notifications
  • Animated Previews
  • Person, Package, Vehicle, & Animal Detection
  • Activity Zones
  • Call a Friend


In addition to the features above, Arlo Secure Plus subscribers get emergency access to first responders. If you see something concerning on your Arlo motion alert, press and hold the notification from your lock screen. You can preselect fire, police, or medical responders to send to the location of your camera.

In the Arlo Secure app, you’ll also be able to prefill information for your home and household so first responders are aware – for example, if you have a gate access code, or if your family members have special medical requirements.

Arlo + MEC Value Your Privacy

Arlo won’t share your videos or account information with law enforcement, unless there’s a legally enforceable search warrant or court order, and Arlo never shares your videos for private litigation matters without your consent. MEC doesn’t have access to your videos or your cameras.

We don’t sell or otherwise monetize any of your personal data.

After the duration of your chosen plan, Arlo videos stored in the cloud are automatically deleted and unrecoverable, and you can easily delete videos manually.

Arlo supports cutting-edge security measures like two-factor authentication, and Arlo monitors its cloud systems to prevent digital threats.

Arlo works with independent organizations to audit their services for cybersecurity standards.

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MEC fiber internet is required.