MEC Sponsors Cass County 4-H Farm Safety Camp

Published on Monday, August 27, 2018 in Community

First aid training at Farm Safety Camp

As a company that lives and breathes safety as part of our daily culture, we proudly hosted 40 students from the local Michigan State University Extension as the sponsor of last Friday's Cass County 4-H Farm Safety Camp.  Thirteen presenters spoke on different safety topics, including electric and propane, lawn mower, tractor, pesticide/poisoning, fire, grain bin, ATV and animals. Students also attended a first aid emergency training. Hailey Harman, Cass County 4-H Program Coordinator, conducted pre- and post-tests and surveys, and all of the students said they learned something new about how to avoid dangerous situations or prevent injuries.

“I am confident every kid that attended this camp went home knowing how to keep themselves safe at a farm, whether it's their own, a relative's, or at a future agriculture job. These kids can take the knowledge they gained and share it with others,” Harman said.

“I also want to thank all of our session hosts that took time out of their day to educate these kids. You played a huge role in the camp … Our motto is 'To Make the Best Better' and with that said, 4-H looks forward to continuing this great partnership with Midwest Energy & Communications to reach even more kids on safely working on farms to lower the cases of farm-related accidents within the southwest Michigan area.”

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