Mail Delays and MEC Bills

Published on Monday, August 3, 2020 in Community

As you may have seen on national news reports, the United States Postal Service (USPS) and other carrier networks are experiencing significant delays in all classes of mail, including first-class and priority. Our mailing house recently conducted two delivery tests using both standard and bulk mail, and both had unacceptable delivery results. Similar tests have been conducted and shared by national media.

While these delays are certainly not the norm, they do illustrate the stress the carrier networks are experiencing. This appears to be related to COVID-19 staffing issues, and the substantial increase in the volume of online orders flooding all carrier networks, including the USPS.

At this point, USPS and other carrier networks are unable to provide information as to when delivery might return to pre-pandemic standards.

This is important for our valued customers because the timing of your bill receipt and payment may be impacted. We encourage you to allow for more time for receipt of payment if mailed, and more importantly to consider exploring alternative ways to pay your bill. These methods are proven and safe and will guarantee timely payment, so you avoid late fees and possible disconnect.

As a reminder, our process for delinquent accounts has changed. Previously we rolled any past due amounts and late fees into the next month’s bill. For your convenience, we are now mailing a notice with late fees the day after the due date has passed to specifically alert you to your account status. The notice gives you an additional ten (10) days to make your payment or contact our office for a payment arrangement to avoid disconnection. This is just one more reason to consider alternative methods of payment.

Thank you for being a valued MEC customer.