MEC in the Community

Published on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 in Community

Van Buren Grand Champion Hog Winner Paige (L) with MEC employee Patty (R).

Van Buren County Youth Fair and Cass County Fair

At the Van Buren County Youth Fair, we supported the Holstein Association and purchased a gallon of milk, which benefits the entire dairy association. We also purchased two swine.

With food insecurity at a high level, MEC is leveraging our support of youth in 4H programs across our service territory and providing local food pantries with fresh meat to assist families in our communities. Two pantries receiving donations from the Van Buren Youth Fair are Decatur Human Services and Eleanor's Pantry.

At the Cass County Fair, we secured three pigs to benefit both Helping Hands of Cass County and the Marcellus Food Pantry programs.

Jess Brainerd, Daily Bread Associate Director, helps transport seven bags of donated pork chops, bacon, and sausage.

Lenawee County Fair

We purchased one market hog and two lambs at the Lenawee County Fair. We donated the lambs to charity and presented the 182 pounds of freshly processed pork products to The Daily Bread in Adrian, Michigan. The Daily Bread operates a daily soup kitchen as well as a food pantry so customers will be able to secure a fresh protein option as a result of our donation.

fireman's grill
MEC employees serve food at the Cass County Fair's Fireman's Grill.

Serving Up Kindness at the Fireman’s Grill

We continued our tradition this year of volunteering at the Fireman’s Grill during the Cass County Fair.

On Tuesday, Aug. 2, a group of MEC employees served meals to hungry fairgoers alongside the Cass County Firemen’s Association. Together, we raised about $5,000, making this the second-best Tuesday in Fireman’s Grill history and just barely missing the best ever at $5,300.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered, and to everyone who purchased a meal! In total, the Fireman’s Grill raised $21,563 during the week of the fair. All proceeds will support the Cass County Fireman’s Association and all 13 local fire departments they represent.