Meet Rylie

Published on Monday, April 8, 2019 in Community

Meet Ryle, one of our customer solutions agents

From our operations crew in the field to our support staff in our offices, our employees help create vibrant, relevant, sustainable communities every day, and many of them also call these communities home. In 2019, we are taking you behind the lines to introduce you to a few of these individuals who are MEC customers just like you.

Meet Rylie, a solutions agent. She helps our customers when they call in with questions, and she also works in our dispatch center sending our line crews, propane service techs, and internet field support to help customers throughout our service territory. Rylie grew up on our lines when we were still Fruitbelt, and she continues as a current MEC customer for electric, internet and propane.

A native of Decatur, she currently lives just outside of the town with her husband, stepson, five dogs, three cats, and cows. Rylie came to MEC four years ago after dispatching trucks nationwide for a flower company. “I love helping people, and that's why I enjoy working in dispatch. I know the work I do makes a difference, and every day is different,” said Rylie.

Rylie earned her bachelor's degree in criminal justice and human services, through which she focused on learning how to become a 911 dispatcher. Those skills serve her well at MEC, especially during major outage situations, where she utilizes her calm demeanor and attention to detail to ensure our crews have the information they need to make repairs safely and efficiently.

When not at work, she and her husband enjoy fishing, particularly catfishing, and they also hunt when they can. They have fun supporting their son's passion for science. “Our kitchen doubles as a science lab, and it's so much fun to watch him learn through performing experiments,” she noted.

As a family, they believe in the value of knowing where their food comes from. “We don't buy boxed food. We raise our animals for meat and grow our own produce. It's hard work, but it's worth it,” said Rylie. That dedication also comes through in the elaborate cakes that she makes for family and friends. “I bake everything from scratch and really enjoy making new creations. I also love knowing that I can brighten people's days with my hobby.”

Her kindness extends to animals as well. In fact, all of her pets are rescues. She mentioned that “it's hard to say 'no' to an animal in need. We take them in whenever we can because they deserve good lives in a caring home.”

That passion for helping others is why we are proud to have Rylie as part of the MEC family. We know what a difference it makes.


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