Shout Out To Heroes In Bulk Trucks

Published by Bob Hance on Thursday, October 29, 2020 in Community

The concept of innovation drives much of what we do within our MEC family of services. We continue to invest in an already “smart” electric infrastructure to equip our system with the best technology for safe and reliable distribution. We’re also full-speed-ahead on bridging the rural digital divide by growing our fiber internet business. Everything we do under the umbrella of innovation is to ensure that rural living does not limit the scope of opportunities for our customers.

I call this stuff “Big I” innovation. It’s the marriage of investment and technology that creates significant change and opportunity. But innovation does not always involve major investment and bright, shiny new technology. Sometimes innovation involves evaluation of what we do and how we do it so we can figure out how to do it better. I like to call that “Little i” innovation.

We have a mature propane operation that has served rural customers in southwest and west-central Michigan for more than two decades. Frankly, there’s nothing very sexy about propane in terms of cutting-edge technology; it doesn’t offer much in the way of a cool factor or “Big I” innovation. However, this hard-working team brings their best “Little i” innovation to the table every day to ensure that we are always providing the best service experience for our nearly 7,000 loyal customers.

Our team spent the slower summer months monitoring markets and securing gas supply to get our customers through the heavy-use winter months. We looked at our delivery programs and tweaked practices to increase efficiencies and improve customer experiences. We topped off tanks and ensured our customers were ready for the first cold snap of the 2020-21 heating season. We updated software and systems, readied our equipment, and prepared our service technicians for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw our way in coming weeks and months.

In light of all the shiny, new “Big I” innovation going on in our electric and fiber lines of business, it can be easy to ignore the well-oiled machine that is our propane operation. Their commitment to their customers during the most challenging of seasons is unparalleled. They deal with the brutal Michigan winter at all times of day and night to make sure comfort is never compromised. Every time I pass one of our bulk delivery trucks with the signature green hood during the winter months, I recognize the hero behind the wheel who is making sure another customer is safe and comfortable through the elements.

If you are a member of our propane family, thank you for your patronage. If you want to enjoy a very different kind of propane pricing and customer service experience, give us a call. Our crews don’t just deliver gas; we insert “Little i” innovation and a passion for service excellence in everything we do.

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Bob Hance

Bob Hance is the President/CEO of Midwest Energy & Communications.