Smart Devices for Your Health

Published on Friday, May 13, 2022 in Community

Your devices aren’t just for working or browsing the internet – they can work to keep you healthy, too.

KardiaMobile is an FDA-cleared personal EKG that connects with most phones and tablets. It can help you detect arrhythmias and send your EKGs to a cardiologist so they can review it remotely.

EmFit tracks your sleeping patterns, including your heart rate and how much you snore. It can also monitor elderly users and alert family members if something is wrong.

QardioBase is a smart scale that can measure a lot more than just your weight. Keep track of your body fat, water makeup, muscle mass, and more – it even features a Pregnancy mode.

Your MEC fiber internet service can handle all these apps and more. It’s never been easier to stay healthy from the comfort of your home!