Aquatic Garden Teaches First Graders About Ecosystems

Published on Wednesday, August 23, 2023 in Strengthening Schools Grants

Alisha Blume, first-grade teacher at Edwardsburg Elementary, is teaching her students about ecosystems with a unique tool: an AquaSprouts Garden, purchased in part thanks to an MEC Strengthening Schools Grant, which is funded by partnership dollars through our power supplier Wolverine Power Cooperative.

alisha blume's classroom

The AquaSprouts Garden utilizes a concept known as aquaponics, or growing food in water where aquatic creatures (in this case, fish) are being raised. Waste from the fish is rich in nutrients that the plants feed on, eliminating the need for a traditional soil bed. Blume says the garden is a fun, hands-on way to teach her students about the relationship between various species and the environment.

Before purchasing the AquaSprouts Garden, Blume created a simple aquaponics ecosystem in a water jug. It didn’t last long, however, and she began looking for something more sustainable. After learning of the AquaSprouts system, she reached out to MEC for a Strengthening Schools Grant.

Blume says she’ll be able to use her new system for many years to come, and recommends similar hands-on tools for other classrooms. She says the students are more engaged when they can see what they’re studying in action. And it’s not just Blume— a 2015 study by the Canadian Center of Science and Education (“The Impact of Hands-On-Approach on Student Academic Performance in Basic Science and Mathematics”) found that students tested better on math and science concepts after participating in hands-on learning activities.

aquaponics system

The aquaponics garden isn’t just fun for the kids. Blume loves teaching in new ways and watching her students get excited for school.

“Watching the kids learning is amazing,” Blume says. “They’ve loved watching the fish and plants grow.”

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