Write the Perfect 4-H Letter

Published on Wednesday, February 28, 2024 in Community

You’ve worked hard to get your animal(s) ready for the county fair, but do you have a plan for inviting buyers? A great buyer letter can help encourage more bids on your animal, which improves your chances of making the best sale possible.

What to Include

Follow this checklist to make sure you include all the elements of a successful 4-H letter:

  • Information about yourself:
    • Your full name
    • Your age
    • Your 4-H Club
    • The full name of at least one parent or guardian (especially if the person or organization you’re writing to already knows who they are)
  • Information about your project:
    • What your animal is
    • How you raised your animal
  • Information about the fair:
    • The fair’s name
    • Dates the fair is open
    • Your auction’s date, time, and location
    • Where they can find more information about the fair (for example, the fair’s website)
    • The fair’s brochure (if available)

These are the essentials, but it’s always better to add more details to help your potential buyer get to know you. For example, you could add:

  • What you learned from your project
  • Any plans for future projects
  • A picture of yourself and your animal

Be Polite

Kindness is key! Don’t try to pressure anyone into bidding, and make sure you thank them if they bought or bid on one of your previous animals.

Know Your Audience

Personalized letters show that you put care and thought into your invitations. Instead of “Dear Buyer,” use their name.

You may also consider hand signing each letter. Buyers will recognize and appreciate that you went the extra mile to include a personal touch.

Who to Invite

It’s not necessary to invite everyone you know. Think about who will be the most likely to make a bid on your animal, such as:

  • Any previous buyers
  • Relatives and family friends
  • People or organizations your family does business with, such as your doctor or a local store you shop at frequently

Always Thank Your Buyers

If you know that someone came to the fair to bid on your animal, make sure you thank them before they leave—especially if they purchased it. You may also want to consider making a thank-you sign to display next to your animal’s pen.

Lastly, be sure to mail your buyer a handwritten thank-you note after the fair. Thanking a buyer will make them feel appreciated, and they may be more likely to return next year.