Fiber Construction Process

There are many steps involved in getting equipment installed on your property so you can enjoy the fastest, most reliable internet service available. Here’s a rough outline of the process:

  1. The first step involves building the mainline of fiber. This line ultimately connects our service to the greater internet backbone that makes the internet possible.
  2. The engineering team then designs the map for the service drop to your location.
  3. The construction crew will build the service drop and install a network interface device (NID) box on the side of your home. You do not need to be home for this. If the construction involves placing cables underground, we will call Miss Dig to send a representative to your property to mark underground public utilities. As soon as you see those flags appear, please mark underground sprinklers, pet fences and any other private underground facilities.
  4. The splicing crew will visit the property to prepare the fiber line for your installation.
  5. A Solutions Agent will call to schedule your in-home installation of the optical network terminal (ONT), wireless router and to activate your service.

Like all construction, weather can impact progress. Additionally, if the electric on your property runs underground, then your fiber likely will too. We can’t do underground service when the ground is frozen, but we may try to place a temporary line on the ground until we can return to bury it properly.