We're Upgrading Old Routers for Free

Published on Tuesday, July 2, 2024 in MEC Equipment

Are you still using this box for your MEC fiber internet WiFi?

844 gigacenterThis is an 844 GigaCenter. Throughout the rest of this year and in 2025, we’re shipping a free upgrade to anyone who still has one. It’s part of our process to ensure you have the best service experience and up-to-date equipment.

Will my new router have extra features?

Your new router comes with upgraded internet technology and lets you access the full features of the free CommandIQ app! You’ll be able to:

  • Set up guest networks
  • Block devices on your Wi-Fi from accessing certain content, apps, and websites
  • Monitor the internet usage of devices connected to your Wi-Fi

Plus, your new router comes with ProtectIQ, a free automatic hacker blocking software that protects your Wi-Fi network.

Visit teammidwest.com/commandiq to see what the free CommandIQ app can do and how to download it to your Apple or Android phone.

Do I need to do anything?

Not yet! If you still have an 844 GigaCenter, we will automatically ship you a free upgrade in 2024 or 2025.

Once we ship your router, you will receive an email notification at the address on your MEC account. The email will include a video with instructions for connecting your upgraded router.

After you receive your upgrade, we will send you a second email that says you have 60 days to connect your new router. This is to ensure your upgrade process is as smooth as possible.

We will send you a third email as a reminder when you have 10 days left.

How do I connect my new router?

Each email includes an instructional video where Techie Chuck shows you how to connect your new router.

Every router also comes with a set of paper instructions in the box.

Once you receive your new router, please connect it as soon as possible and then download the free CommandIQ app to ensure you have the best service experience.

What if I already requested a new router?

If you requested a new router via SmartHub and you haven’t connected it yet, we will send you an email notification prompting you to do so within 60 days. The email will include a how-to video from Techie Chuck. We will send a second email when you have 30 days left, and a third email when you have 10 days left.

If you requested a new router, but you don’t know where it is, give us a call at 800-492-5989.