Heavy Static or No Dial Tone

After confirming that all phones are hung up correctly and everything is plugged in, please try these steps:

  1. Power cycle your MEC router. Here's how:
  2. Remove the cable that is currently plugged into the Phone Port 1 on the back of your router.
  3. Plug your phone directly into Phone Port 1 and check for a dial tone. 
    • If there is dial tone,  that means MEC's service is working but you have short or damage to your internal phone lines. We recommend connecting your main phone directly to the MEC router and using wireless handsets throughout the rest of your home. You can find these at your local electronics store. We do not repair phone lines inside of your home. You will need to contact a local repair company for that.
    • If there is no dial tone, then the port has been damaged. Please contact us at 800.492.5989.

If you do not have our Calix 844 GigaCenter router, please contact us at 800.492.5989, and we will help you troubleshoot.