Safety Programs

Safety is a top priority at MEC and that's why we provide electric and propane safety programs for our community neighbors and partners. 

MEC Hotline Demo

Our safety programs for schools, churches, civic groups, local businesses, emergency response organizations, and more can be held at your location or ours and are customizable to meet necessary state standards.

Hotline Demonstrations

This program teaches electricity safety and shows the power—and dangers—of live current. Adaptable to nearly any audience from fourth-graders through adults, the demonstration features a trailer with poles and power lines that carry 7200 volts of electricity.

Watch this video to get a preview of the important information we provide, and contact the community relations team at 800.492.5989 or to schedule a demo.

Hazard Hamlet

Kindergarteners through third graders learn about electrical safety concerns in everyday situations through this portable presentation.

For more information or to schedule a program, contact the community relations team at 800.492.5989, or email