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What happens when you combine cellular communication technology with a traditional residential propane tank? A worry-free propane service experience.

Many of you have very predictable propane consumption, and our traditional delivery programs offer a perfect solution. However, for seasonal customers or those with an alternative heat source, pool heater, standby generator or other unusual circumstances, usage can be anything but predictable.

Our new remote monitor program eliminates these variables by keeping you, and us, updated on the current level of your residential tank. The monitor is installed directly on your above- or underground tank and uses cellular technology to communicate the data. Our team monitors your readings and schedules deliveries as needed. The program protects you against running out of gas while making our deliveries and routing more predictable and efficient.

The remote monitor is a one-time purchase of $250 and comes with free installation. The monthly monitoring fee is just $5. If you’re ready to jump into your worry-free service experience, contact us now.