Propane Tank Set Process

If your location has never had propane before, a few things need to happen prior to our appointment to install your new tank.

  • Permit: Your Contractor needs to file a Mechanical permit with your township for the inside piping and appliances being installed. We also file a Mechanical permit for the outside piping and tank being installed.
  • Pressure Tested & Inspected: The gas piping inside your home must get pressure tested by your contractor, and the local/state inspector must inspect and approve the piping prior to our tank installation. Please leave green inspection tag on the piping; it verifies the inspection.
  • Appliances: Install your furnace/heater
  • Please make sure the path to your tank and the area around it is free from debris, ice and snow. This includes your driveway. If our service tech can’t navigate your driveway or safely access your tank, he can’t hook you up. 

Steps Involved in Setting Up Your Tank

  • Our tech needs to verify your appliances.
  • He sets and connects the tank, which includes trenching underground between your house and the tank. If applicable, he also moves the existing tank. It is your responsibility to work with your old provider for removal. 
  • Once connected, he lights all pilot lights on your appliances/furnace and verifies that the system operates as it should. 
  • You sign some paperwork to officially begin service.