Winter Propane Tips

Follow these guidelines to help ensure a stress-free heating season:

  •  Winter is not a good time to get caught off guard by a critically-low propane tank. Please make sure you monitor your tank levels and let us know when you’ve reached 30%. That will give us plenty of time to deliver your gas before you run out and will prevent you from paying $200 or more to get an emergency fill.  Our Auto-Fill and Seasonal Fill delivery programs can also help you avoid emergency fills by scheduling deliveries based on historical usage. For those of you who are seasonal residents or have an alternative heat source, we recommend our Remote Monitor program that enables us to monitor your tank levels in real time and schedule deliveries accordingly. 
  • Remove snow and ice from your driveway and sand all inclines to ensure safe access to your tank. A propane truck is about two feet wider than a passenger car and deliveries are challenging when you try to maneuver a 10-foot wide truck on a snow- or ice-covered driveway. If we can’t navigate your driveway, we will not be able to fill your tank.
  • Mark the location of underground tanks and provide a clear pathway.
  • Make sure your service address is clearly visible at the end of the driveway.
  • Keep your propane tank, equipment and piping clear of debris, plants, low hanging trees, etc. Our guys need clear, easy and safe access to your tank. Also snow and ice accumulation can break gas connections and cause a leak, so remove both regularly.
  • Keep your chimney, rooftop, and all gas appliances vented through the roof or walls clear of snow and ice to prevent gas fumes from becoming trapped in your home.

Get more tips from the Propane Energy and Research Council at