Get 20% Off a Tree for Arbor Day

Enjoy a special tree-t just for you!

This Arbor Day weekend, get 20% off up to two trees at Dussel’s Farm Market & Greenhouses in Cassopolis and Barrett’s Showplace Gardens & Flower Shop in Adrian.

First, print the coupon below or bring your phone to show it to a store associate. Then pick out up to two trees at Dussel’s or Barrett’s. At checkout, hand them the coupon to get your discount.*

* Tree quantities are limited. Offer is only valid for purchase of select tree varieties and does not apply to other products. Eligible varieties at Dussel’s include American Plum, Flowering Crabapple, Redbud, Dogwood, select Arborvitaes, Amelanchier, Magnolia, and tree-form Hydrangea. Contact Barrett’s for their available varieties. Eligible varieties at Barrett's include Serviceberry (Autumn Brilliance), Crabapple (Prairie Rose, Adirondack, Indian Magic, Ruby Daze, Raspberry Spear, Royal Raindrops, Sargent Crab, Prairie Fire), Magnolia (Jane, Ann), Redbud, Dogwood (Milkyway Select), Plum (Big CIS), Cornelian Cherry (Saffron Sentinel), Tree Lilac (Ivory Silk), Juniper (Blue Arrow), and Arborvitae (Emerald Green).