Top 5 Ways to Relax With Technology

If you spend too much time fiddling with your account settings, trying to understand why your computer suddenly doesn’t work, or simply browsing social media, you might start to think of technology as a major source of stress.

Technology can redeem itself, though. Here are some of the best ways to relieve stress using your phone or other devices.

1. Stress Relieving Apps

Whether you relax by coloring, meditating, or simply listening to nature sounds, chances are there’s an app for that. Some even come with guided breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

Many of the most popular apps have a subscription payment model, but they often come with a free trial or other free content.

Some of the most downloaded stress-relieving apps include Calm, Colorfy, and MindShift CBT.

2. Streaming Networks

Do you like to relax with something to watch? Chances are you already subscribe to one or more streaming platforms that host movies and TV shows for a monthly subscription fee—especially if you have our blazing-fast, buffer-free fiber internet service. When it comes to finding your favorite content, however, the time you spend searching might drive your stress levels right back up.

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3. Organizational Tools

Does your stress come from the craziness of everyday life? You might want to look into some digital organizational tools. Your phone can help you keep track of to-do lists, voice notes, and even scanned documents— wherever your organization could use some work, technology is here to help.

Some of the most downloaded organizational tools include Todoist, Just Press Record, and CamScanner.

4. Fitness and Nutrition Trackers

For some people, unwinding means getting up rather than lying down. If that includes you, you might be more interested in fitness trackers and meal planning. These tools aim to streamline your workout routine and provide helpful nutrition advice. As life gets busier and your schedule fills up, your phone can ensure you always have time for your health.

Some of the most downloaded fitness and nutrition trackers include Fitbit, Beachbody, and Fooducate.

5. Sleep Apps

A good night’s sleep can improve your day more than you might realize. In addition to giving you more energy overall, proper rest can help ease anxiety and improve your mood.

Some popular apps help track your sleep habits, while others play white noise to give you the perfect environment to sleep in.

Some of the most downloaded sleep apps include Sleep Cycle, Headspace, and Noisli.