Mesh Unit

Eliminate slow, spotty or "dead" Wi-Fi zones in your house with a mesh satellite unit. 

Father and Daughter looking at a laptop in their yard.

When Wi-Fi travels through walls and floors the signal downgrades, which can result in weak reception in areas that are far from the router. This is especially true for high-bandwidth activities like using a VPN or streaming HD videos. Our mesh satellites connect to your MEC router to deliver amazing coverage throughout every corner of your home. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi extenders, these mesh units work with your existing home network so you don't have to access a separate network to connect a device to them.

Please note: We do not recommend using a mesh satellite in a detached building since the mesh will likely not be able to connect to the router inside your home. Additionally, while the mesh can achieve most of our Gig package speed, we recommend an Ethernet connection when trying to achieve full Gig on a particular device.

$5/mo. per mesh unit.

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