No Internet Connection

Can't connect to the internet from any device? Try these steps below. Not sure which router you have? Click here to review MEC's collection of routers


The router should have a solid green broadband light and a blinking green service light. If either of them is completely out, then you most likely have a break in the fiber line. Please try to follow the line inside the house, through the basement, to the outside. Also, visually inspect the line that goes overhead to the pole. If you see a break or kink, please give us a call at 800.492.5989, and we will come out to make a repair. Please note technician visits occur during regular business hours, Mon. - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm. 

Power Cycle Your Router

If you have the above lights showing on your router, please try performing a power cycle. Watch our quick video on how to properly perform a power cycle on the 844GigaCenter. Do not press the reset button on the router. It will not perform a power cycle, but it will reset your SSID and password.  If that doesn't work, call us at 800.492.5989

GigaSpire U6 or U12

If the light on your unit shows red, that means there is no internet connection. Please call us at 800.492.5989. If the light shows blue, but you still have no internet connection, try a power cycle. Watch this quick video on how to do it. Do not press the reset button as that will not perform a power cycle but it will change your SSID and password back to the defaults.