Poor Wi-Fi Signal

Make Your House Wi-Fi Friendly

  • Get your furniture out of the way: Large pieces of furniture can act as a barrier to Wi-Fi. When it's practical and possible, place large furniture along the exterior walls of your home to prevent it from blocking your signal. 
  • Reflect on mirror placement: Mirrors reflect the Wi-Fi signal from your router, ultimately decreasing the signal's strength. We suggest limiting the use of mirrors where possible. Trust us, you already look great!
  • Be conscious of location: Wi-Fi routers need room to breathe. They should not be hidden behind speakers or other electronics that can cause interference. Microwave ovens, in particular, can negatively impact your Wi-Fi signal.

Test Signal Strength Near the Router

If you have strong Wi-Fi near the router on multiple devices, but not far away, it's time to consider additional or upgraded Wi-Fi equipment. We have several options available. You will also have access to network security and advanced parental controls through the CommandIQ mobile app. Please give us a call at 800.492.5989, and we will help you determine the best solution for you.

Weak Wi-Fi Everywhere

If you have little or no Wi-Fi even when you are in the same room as your router, try testing an additional device. If multiple devices seem to have trouble with Wi-Fi when near the router, try power cycling your router. The videos below will show you how to do it on your particular MEC router. If you aren't sure which router you have, this article will show you

Please do not hit the reset button as that will reset your SSID name and password.


GigaSpire U6 and U12