Set Up My Priorities

  • From the main dashboard, tap “My Network.”


  • Tap “Priorities” and on the “My Priorities” page, slide the toggle next to "Enable My Priorities" on.


  • From the new options that appear, decide whether you want to prioritize by activity, or by the device.
  • To prioritize by activity, tap “Set a new traffic priority schedule.”

traffic priority

  • Give your schedule a name.
  • Reorder activities from highest priority to lowest priority. To rearrange an item, press and hold the “≡” and drag up or down.
  • Under “Set a schedule,” choose a start and end time for your network priorities. Tap the arrow next to “From” or “To” to change the time.
  • Mark the days you want your priority schedule to take effect.
  • Tap “Save” to save your priority schedule. You can save up to three.

  • To prioritize specific devices, tap “Set device priorities.” 

device priorities

  • If you plan to always prioritize certain devices, choose “Always on” and skip the next step.
  • If you plan to prioritize devices only for the next few hours, choose “Set Duration.” Set how long your network will prioritize the devices.
  • Tap “Add Device” to choose which devices to prioritize. Mark up to five and tap “Done.”
  • Tap “Save” again to save your device priorities.