Where should I put my router?

Pick a central location with good line-of-sight visibility to the main areas of your home. Wi-Fi degrades as it travels through floors and walls. As a result, if you place the router in a non-central location, you could experience poor signal strength in areas of your home that are far from the router. If you must put it in a non-central location, and you do experience connectivity issues in certain spots in your home, we recommend that you upgrade to our Ultimate Wi-Fi.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid placing your router next to large appliances, behind TVs or in "service closets" such as power distribution or fuse panels. These areas and devices create interference and may reduce your service experience. 
  • Put large furniture along outer walls to prevent them from acting as a barrier and limit the use of mirrors. They literally reflect Wi-Fi signals.
  • Keep devices up to date and be aware that older devices may not be able to meet today’s demands.