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What Are Arlo Modes and Rules?

A Mode is the set of rules your cameras follow. Simply setting a Mode tells all of your cameras how to act, depending on the Rules you set. The Arlo Secure app has three Modes:

Modes are fully customizable based on the level of detection you want. For example, you can customize the Arm Home mode to turn off detection for your indoor cameras while still keeping your outdoor cameras on high alert.

A Rule is an instruction one camera follows when a trigger is activated. For example, you can tell a camera to send you a notification when it detects motion. To create and edit Rules:

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How Do I Enable Motion or Sound Detection?

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How Do I Sign Up for Push Notifications and Email Alerts?

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How Do I Set Up Smart Notifications and Animated Previews?

Arlo's smart notification options can tell you what kind of motion your cameras have detected, with different alerts for people, packages, animals, and vehicles, as well as an alert that tells you if a smoke or carbon monoxide detector is going off. Animated Previews show you an animated preview of the detected activity in the thumbnail of your push notification.

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How Do I Set Up Activity Zones?

Activity Zones tell your cameras where to look for motion and where to ignore motion. For example, if you have a camera pointed at your driveway, but you don't want to get notified every time a car drives by, you can set up an Activity Zone that excludes the road.

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How Do I Change My Video Recording Length?

Most Arlo cameras can record until activity stops (up to five minutes). Alternatively, you can set your cameras to record for a fixed length from 10 to 120 seconds. To change your recording length:

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How Do I See My Videos?

Note that Arlo deletes video recordings after 30 days, even ones marked as Favorite. We recommend downloading any videos you want permanent access to.

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How Does 24/7 Emergency Response Work?

Outdoor Observer and Fortress subscribers have one-tap access to fire, police, and medical first responders.

  1. If you see something on your Arlo motion alert that requires immediate fire, police, or medical attention, press and hold the notification and tap Emergency Response.
  2. Choose from fire, police, or medical services.

Arlo's 24/7 Emergency Response team calls local responders of your choice and provides them with the location you set in your Arlo Secure app. Arlo will then provide text or phone updates.

To set up your location:

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How Do I Change My Power Management Settings?

Factors that can reduce battery life include frequent spotlight use, temperatures of less than 32 degrees, frequent motion or audio detection, longer video recordings, or low lighting.

Arlo cameras let you prioritize video quality or battery life, or have a mix of both. To change your power management settings:

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How Do I Update My Firmware?

When a new firmware update is released, Arlo systems are updated automatically between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. local time as long as the device is connected to your Wi-Fi network and has at least 15% battery charge. 

If you need to manually update your firmware:

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How Can I Keep My Cameras Charged In Cold Weather?

To prevent damage, Arlo cameras power down in extreme cold. Your outdoor cameras have a minimum temperature of -4 degrees. Your solar panel chargers have a minimum temperature of 32 degrees.

If your camera stops charging due to cold weather, bring it to a location where the temperature is above freezing and plug it in. When the battery reaches a safe temperature, it will begin charging.

If your camera's battery level drops suddenly in cold weather, bring it to a warmer location. Once it's at room temperature, make sure it's unplugged, then remove and reinstall the batteries. If your camera still reports low battery in cold weather, call MEC at 800-492-5989.

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