Arlo Is Better With MEC

Interested in Arlo security cameras, but not in paying hundreds of dollars upfront just to get them in your hands?

We're here to help - when you subscribe to Arlo through MEC, you can forget about up-front camera costs. For example, f you were to buy everything included in our Outdoor Observer package, you would pay nearly $800 out of the gate, plus an additional $18 every month for the Arlo Secure app. With MEC, you just pay $42/month plus a one-time $150 installation fee.

Our Packages

24/7 Doorman
Without MEC: $250 up front + $5 monthly for Arlo app
With MEC: $12/mo. + $50 one-time installation

Outdoor Observer
Without MEC: $770 up front + $18 monthly for Arlo app with 24/7 emergency response
With MEC: $42/mo. + $150 one-time installation

The Fortress
Without MEC: $1,230 up front + $18 monthly for Arlo app with 24/7 emergency response
With MEC: $62/mo. + $300 installation

Want more information about what's included in each package?


And that's not all! When you add Arlo cameras to your MEC fiber internet service:

  • We take care of installation.
  • We help you get familiar with the cameras and Arlo's mobile app.
  • We handle tech support and replace equipment if something breaks.*

Want more? Learn more and sign up at

*Requires MEC internet and a 24-mo. contract. Fiber internet and Arlo services are not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission. Equipment replacement subject to terms and conditions.