Who Can Access My Arlo Videos?

How can you be sure your data is private? It’s one of the most important things to consider when buying a new device or internet-related service.

When you subscribe to Arlo through MEC, you can expect a high standard of privacy and cybersecurity. Here are some of the ways we protect your data.

Arlo Doesn't Share Videos

Arlo won’t share videos or account information with law enforcement unless there’s an enforceable search warrant or court order. Arlo never shares your videos for private litigation matters without your consent. MEC doesn’t have access to your videos or your cameras.

Arlo Doesn't Sell Your Data

We live in a data-driven world, and sometimes this means companies sell the data they collect from you.

Your Arlo camera doesn’t come with the cost of putting your personal information on the market, and any information we collect is to fulfill and improve your service.

Arlo Doesn't Keep Videos

If you cancel Arlo services, Arlo videos stored in the cloud are automatically deleted and unrecoverable, and you can easily delete videos manually.

Arlo Prioritizes Cybersecurity

Arlo supports cutting-edge security measures like two-factor authentication, and Arlo monitors its cloud systems to prevent digital threats. Arlo also works with independent organizations to audit their services for cybersecurity standards.

Want More?

We’ve partnered with Arlo to offer you a total-home visibility solution without breaking the bank. Visit us at teammidwest.com/security-cameras to learn more about our privacy policy, as well as available packages and exclusive benefits for MEC customers.