Enable Content Restrictions and Block Workarounds

  • Tap “People” or the people icon followed by a user to view their profile.


  • Tap “Restrictions” to manage the content a user has access to on your Wi-Fi network.
  • To turn on Safe Search for Google and Bing, or to block restricted content on YouTube, slide the respective toggle at the top of the page.
  • You can also block iCloud Private Relay and DNS over HTTPS - two common methods of getting around parental controls. To learn more about parental control workarounds, click here.

user restrictions

  • To enable filters against certain types of content, tap “Content Restrictions.”
    • Tap the user’s age range to enable pre-designated filters. Alternatively, block specific types of content by sliding the respective toggles into the “On” position.

content restrictions

  • To block whole applications, or to set daily limits, tap “Applications.”
    • Search for an application and choose to block it, always allow access, or allow access for a set number of hours each day.


  • To keep the user from accessing specific websites, tap “Websites.”
    • From this page, add the URL of a website and mark “Block.” CommandIQ will prevent this user from accessing any page on this website.

web access

  • You can also enable content restrictions across your entire network, rather than for one user only.
    • From the main dashboard, tap "My Network" and "Default Restrictions." Then, follow the directions above just like you would for an individual user. 

my network