IP Justification Form

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Midwest Energy & Communications (MEC) conforms to the North American IP Registry (ARIN) policies regarding IP address allocation. As part of its’ standard service, we will assign the amount of IP addresses that clients can justify for use on their local area network. Use this form for initial assignments and augments. We require a written justification form for any IP address blocks requested so that we can demonstrate to ARIN that IP addresses allocated to us are being used efficiently. Per ARIN guidelines (http://arin.net/), organizations will be assigned address space based on immediate utilization plus three- and six-month documented and confident forecasting. If you have any questions about the IP assignment policy or process, please refer to the IP Assignment Policy and Procedures, and RFC 2050.

If you need more than one subnet number, please use our PDF form and email it to internetinfo@teammidwest.com.

Please explain why you require the number of IP addresses requested. Please note that equipment behind firewalls does not require globally unique IP addresses. Also indicate whether you are conserving address space using address/port forwarding. 

Please describe how you will use your IP assignments today, in three months and in six months. If you need more than one subnet, please use our PDF form and email it to internetinfo@teammidwest.com.

By submitting this form, you verify that you are authorized to represent the organization below and all information is true and correct. You understand that IPv4 address space is limited and users of the internet are responsible for conserving address space and ensure that space is utilized efficiently.