Not Getting Gig Speed on Certain Devices

Get the most out of your Gig internet speed with these useful tips:

Wireless Range

Do you notice slow spots in your home, particularly when you are farther away from your router? That’s because Wi-Fi bogs down as it travels through walls and floors. You may want to consider upgrading to our Ultimate Wi-Fi service that offers Wi-Fi 6. Delivered via our GigaSpire U12 router, this device includes 12x12 antennas that provide the best coverage and fastest Wi-Fi available. 

Wireless vs. Hardwired Connection

Gig is fast, extremely fast, and unfortunately Wi-Fi and some devices simply can’t keep up. Most devices are capable of only achieving 100-200 Mbps on the fastest Wi-Fi radio band. A hard-wired Ethernet connection is required to take advantage of faster speeds, and a Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor will ensure you experience true gig—as long as the attached device supports it.