Poor Wi-Fi Signal

Make Your House Wi-Fi Friendly

  • Get your furniture out of the way: Large pieces of furniture can act as a barrier to Wi-Fi. When it's practical and possible, place large furniture along the exterior walls of your home to prevent it from blocking your signal. 
  • Reflect on mirror placement: Mirrors reflect the Wi-Fi signal from your router, ultimately decreasing the signal's strength. We suggest limiting the use of mirrors where possible. Trust us, you already look great!
  • Location, location, location: Wi-Fi routers need room to breathe. They should not be hidden behind speakers or other electronics that can cause interference. Microwave ovens, in particular, can negatively impact your Wi-Fi signal.

Test Signal Strength Near the Router

Please visit casspolis.speedtest.net to run the test with an Ethernet cable.

If you have strong Wi-Fi near the router on multiple devices, but not far away, then you should consider upgrading to our Ultimate Wi-Fi service for $10/mo. As Wi-Fi travels through walls and floors, the signal degrades. Ultimate Wi-Fi offers a 12x12 antenna and Wi-Fi 6, which means the best coverage and bandwidth available. 

Weak Wi-Fi Everywhere

If you have little or no Wi-Fi even when you are in the same room as your router, try testing an additional device. If multiple devices seem to have trouble with Wi-Fi when near the router, try power cycling your router. Watch this quick video tutorial on how to properly perform a power cycle on the 844GigaCenter. If you have a different MEC router or that doesn't work, please give us a call at 800.492.5989, and we can help.