Slow Internet

Update Your Devices

Make sure all your devices are kept up to date and know that some devices are simply faster than others. If you notice issues on one particular device, it could be that your device needs to be upgraded. 

Use Ethernet for Certain Activities

While Wi-Fi works well in most cases, some bandwidth-heavy activities, such as watching Ultra HD video on a TV, work more consistently when you connect via an Ethernet cable. Please note: no Wi-Fi—from any provider—can effectively deliver 1000 Mbps (our Gig package speed) due to the natural degradation that occurs when it travels.

Optimize your Wi-Fi

844GigaCenter Router: Try connecting as many devices as possible to the  5Ghz Wi-Fi band, which is faster and less prone to interference. Here is a quick video that shows you how to do that

Our GigaSpire U6 and U12 routers automatically route your traffic to the Wi-Fi band that offers the best performance. 

Upgrade Your Wi-Fi

If you are trying to connect to Wi-Fi at the opposite side of the house, you might want to consider upgrading to our Ultimate Wi-Fi for $10/mo. With 12x12 antennas and Wi-fi 6, it will provide the best coverage and speeds available.