Comfort Program: Interruptible Heating and Cooling

During periods of peak electric usage, we remotely interrupt your heating and/or air conditioning system through a secondary (i.e. an Internal Disconnected Collar (IDC)) meter.

For the duration of the control event, a back-up heating system should take over until the peak has passed and the primary system is permitted to return to service. Control periods are limited to a maximum of 400 hours per year and eight hours per day.

What's the benefit?

You get a reduced kWh charge (billed at  0.109697 cents per kWh) and pay no distribution charge on your electric heat or qualified air conditioning for the entire time you are enrolled in the program – not just during control periods.

Primary Electric Heat Sources

  • Geothermal Heat Pump (including the Syndex add-on geothermal system)
  • Air Source Heat Pump (including Comfort Plus ETS/heat pump combo)
  • Electric Resistance Heating (baseboard, ceiling cable, duct heaters)
  • Forced Air Electric Furnace
  • Hydronic Boiler
  • Radiant Heat
  • In-Floor Heat

Secondary Heat Sources

  • Fuel Oil
  • Propane
  • Natural Gas
  • Electric Thermal Storage (ETS, including Comfort Plus ETS/heat pump combo)
  • Wood Heat

Interested in signing up?

  1. Fill out our agreement below.
  2. You or your contractor can pick up a free meter base at one of our solutions centers. Have the base installed outside near the main meter and inspected by your township electrical inspector (a wiring diagram can be provided).
  3. Once we receive notice that your meter base has been approved by your inspector and all paperwork has been completed and received, we’ll contact you to install the sub-meter. There will be a two-week time frame for installation, and there is no fee.  Once complete, your account will be updated with your new rate (listed separately on your bill as Comfort Saver, or “COMFT”).

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