SpartanSolar-MEC Community Solar

Participate in renewable energy without taking on the time, cost and ongoing maintenance to do it on your own.

SpartanSolar-MEC Community Solar Array

Our Solar Purpose

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at MEC and we recognize that emerging and renewable energy sources will continue to shape, even dramatically alter, the way we power our homes. Renewables, while promising, remain a cost-intensive venture in residential applications and in geographic areas like ours, the number of sun-filled days might not generate enough energy to cover expenses. Our SpartanSolar-MEC solar array offers you the chance to be part of the renewable revolution with minimal expense and effort compared to doing it on your own.

When you purchase a panel subscription, you will receive a bill credit for the solar power generated from that subscription. However, the subscription will not yield significant savings on your electric bill. That’s not the intent. In fact, we predict that each panel will generate about $40 in account credits each year. The ultimate goal is to show our commitment to the future of energy while giving consumers an opportunity to participate in clean energy production.


  • Subscription costs: $600/panel upfront cost or $10 monthly payments for five years. 
  • 15-year lease agreement
  • Credit of $.10/kWh generated
  • Cancel at anytime

Credits will begin to accrue beginning on the first day of the month following enrollment. The credits will appear on your bill immediately following the first full calendar month enrolled. Credits will continue to accrue for each full month of enrollment for a total of 15 years (180 months).

Current Solar Generation

Click here to check out how many Kilowatts our solar array is currently generating. Plus, review past generation stats and learn about how solar works. We recommend viewing this site from a desktop browser rather than a mobile device. 

Get Started

Visit SpartanSolar’s website to review the FAQs and sign up. One of our Solutions Agents will contact you within a few business days.

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