Buy a Water Heater from MEC

When buying a water heater from MEC, you have two options:

  • Purchase it outright for $515 each including tax.
  • Enroll in our loan program.

Water Heater Loan Program

Customers who wish to purchase a 50-gallon water heater from MEC through our loan program pay $275 out of pocket when the water heater is picked up. We will give you an instant $100 rebate, bringing the total down to $175. For the next 60 months, a $4 charge will be applied to your electric bill to pay off the remaining water heater payment.

As a loan program participant, you are automatically enrolled in our load management program. Click here to learn more. In months where you use 400 kWh or more and receive a $4 credit, this credit will be applied to the same month’s $4 loan program charge.

You may have one water heater loan per account but can purchase outright as many water heaters as you would like for $515 each including tax.

Enroll in Loan Program