How We Restore Power

One of the most common questions we get during an outage is, "How long will this last?"

The unfortunate truth, particularly during major storms, is that we don't know. Estimating restoration times is an extremely tricky business. To show you why, we've put together a step-by-step explanation of the restoration process.

Step 1: You Report Your Outage

As soon as your power goes out, report it to us. Provide as many details as you can. Even if your neighbors have already called it in, submitting your own report helps us pinpoint where and what the issue is. Let us know about any fallen lines, but DO NOT approach them as they pose a potentially deadly threat.

If your meter base or equipment is damaged, an electrical inspection is required before we can restore service. You may need to contact a licensed electrician to make repairs.

The easiest and fastest way to report an outage is via your SmartHub mobile app. You can also call our automated reporting system at 800-492-5989.

Please do not report your outage by email or through social media as we are not always immediately available.

Step 2: We Assess Damage and Respond to 911 Calls

Our crews respond to 911 calls for downed lines by de-energizing them. This is always our first priority. Dispatchers also begin sending crews to reported outages to determine the extent of the outage and the equipment needed for repairs.

Step 3: We Make Repairs

Crews start with substations and major lines, working their way down to individual homes like yours. If you see trucks near your property, and they leave before you're restored, they're either continuing repairs further down the line, or they're repairing a larger part of the outage before returning to your specific property.

Please do not approach our crews or ask them questions in the field. It's dangerous for both you and them, and it delays restoration for everyone.

Step 4: Watch for the Notification

If you've signed up for outage notifications, we'll send you a text or email when your power is restored. Visit to see how to sign up.

If you get a notification that your power is back on, but it is not, please re-report your outage. Your address may have been part of a larger outage that was restored while your specific issue remains. Or the system automatically added your address to a separate outage.