New Electric Construction Process

Building a new home or business? Here are the steps involved in getting electric service set up at your property.

  1. Please fill out our New Construction form. You will need to pay a $100 non-refundable staking and engineering fee to assess the project. We will email you an invoice for the $100.00 fee the next business day after we receive your form submission. 
  2. Upon payment, we will schedule an appointment with an engineer.  To receive the most value out of this appointment, we expect you to meet with an electrician in advance to get the following details or send your builder to the appointment:
    • Location and size of service
    • Site Plan of the property including sketches of all buildings that will require service
  3. Within five business days after the appointment, we will mail you an invoice for the full cost of the project along with the Right-of-Way Easement forms. We cannot email easement forms.
  4. Before construction can begin, you will need to do the following:
    • Pay the full invoice
    • Provide us with the completed, signed, and unaltered original Right-of-Way Easement. All signatures and descriptions must be in BLACK INK. The easement serves as the legal description of the property, and we will have it recorded with the Register of Deeds. Please note: If we are required to cross other properties, easements from those other property owners will also be required. We can assist, but we strongly encourage you to speak with your neighbors.
    • Apply for township permits and have your property inspected. Inspection is required for both temporary and permanent service. Please visit your township’s website for more information.
    • Get necessary meter bases. You can pick up permanent 200- and 400-amp meter bases at any of our solutions centers, and there is no charge for 200-amp bases. Your electrician will install the base and supply the electrical entrance either on the home or on a temporary service pole. We do not supply temporary meter bases.
  5. After all the above is complete, the following will take place:
    • We will perform a final site check to release the project to construction.
    • We will contact Miss Dig to have all underground utilities marked.
    • Construction begins within 24 business days after utilities get marked, weather permitting.