Whole Home Generator

The Whole House Generator Load Control Program is available to all residential customers who have a whole-house generator with a transfer switch. We install an internal disconnect meter at no charge that allows us to transfer your electric load from the grid to your generator during peak demand or emergencies. In exchange for the ability to control the load, you pay a lower energy charge for all consumption on the meter.

Control can occur anytime, although typical control time will not exceed eight hours per day or 400 hours per year.  Besides the one-time cost for the generator, you should also take into account the cost of fuel to operate the generator when considering this program.

Billing Rate

  • Energy Charge: $0.066000/kWh vs. $0.078500/kWh retail rate

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Whole House Generator Load Management Contract

Fill out the agreement below and a solutions agent will contact you to get started. 

Terms and Conditions

 To be eligible to  participate in the Midwest Energy & Communications (MEC) Whole Home Load Management Program, I agree to the following:

  1. I agree to install a whole house generator with transfer switch capable of supplying the household electric requirements when the electric system is being shut down.
  2. I agree to have a load management controlling device installed by (MEC). This controlling device will be used to shut down the electricity to my entire home during periods of peak load conditions experienced by (MEC) and/or its power supplier. The generator will supply electricity during this period. MEC can control anytime, although control time will not exceed eight hours. Most interruptions occur on weekdays, but can also happen on weekends and holidays if necessary. In the event of an emergency that threatens the stability and integrity of MEC's electric distribution system, or if an emergency is declared by the regional transmission operator, MEC may utilize its load management system to control load as necessary until the emergency no longer exists.
  3. I agree to permit MEC to periodically inspect all associated controlling and controlled equipment upon request to ensure that the interruptible equipment is installed and operating in accordance with this agreement.
  4. MEC-installed remote control switches shall remain sealed at all times and opened only by authorized MEC employees or its agents. Any tampering with or override of the interruptible function of the control unit by unauthorized persons can result in termination of this agreement.  If the agreement is terminated, bills for usage will revert back to the rate of the main meter.
  5. I fully release and discharge MEC from any obligation or responsibility concerning the installation or operation of the system. Installation and maintenance of the controlled system is my responsibility. Midwest Energy & Communications will operate and maintain the load management controlling devices.
  6. This agreement shall become effective on the date the controlling load management device is activated and shall remain in effect thereafter until terminated by either party giving two (2) months’ notice in writing to the other party.

Agree and Sign

By typing your name below, you agree to the terms and conditions of the program.