Moving Your Meter Base: Do It Right or Do It Twice

Need to move your meter base? There’s only one right way to do it: contact MEC.

While it can be tempting to try it yourself, this will only create problems for you down the line. We highly recommend hiring an electrician. Here’s why.

1: You Don’t Own the Meter

This guide shows you the equipment you are responsible for on your home.

what's ours what's yours

Note that while you’re responsible for the meter base, you don’t own the meter itself. That’s because, in order to move the meter, we have to shut off its power first. Not doing so puts you and others at incredible risk of shock. For this reason, it’s illegal and unsafe for someone other than MEC to move the meter.

2: You Risk Committing Theft

Tampering with our meter or service line entrance without informing us is not only unsafe, but can be considered theft, and you may be subject to both civil and criminal penalties as outlined in our bylaws.

3: It Requires an Inspection

All changes to your electric service require inspection by the designated electrical inspector for your area to ensure your service is safe and up to code. This usually requires a permit. Contact your township or city office for specific info.

Do It Right or Do It Twice

When someone is found to have moved their meter base without first contacting MEC, we have to start the process over. That means they wasted their time doing it without notifying us, plus they’re responsible for any related civil or criminal consequences.

Trust us – it’s not just easier to make the call; it’s also the law.

Permanent Meter Bases Available for Free

Permanent 200-amp meter bases for new services and upgrades can be picked up (at no cost) at our offices. You or your electrician need to supply the electrical entrance either on the home or on a temporary service pole. We do not supply or sell meter bases for temporary services. Those should be supplied by the electrician or purchased at a home improvement store.

To begin your project, visit us at There is a non-refundable $100 engineering fee for assessing your project. For current pricing on overhead and underground construction, please meet with an engineer. Overhead and underground specification sheets are available upon request from your engineer.

Fees are payable upon receipt of invoice.

We must have 24 hours' notice to schedule a temporary disconnect of service. In the case of holidays, scheduled safety training, and unforeseen circumstances such as storms, we may require more than 24 hours to schedule your disconnect. For a same-day reconnect, you must call back before 3 p.m. A $115 charge is assessed for same-day reconnects if you call back after 3 p.m.

Please call us at 800-492-5989 if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to assisting you with your energy needs.