How We Restore Power

powering up illustration

Our line crews work safely and quickly to restore your service, although power outages can last from several hours to several days depending on the circumstances. Our first priority is to respond to dangerous situations – downed lines or sparking equipment – then we prioritize efforts to restore power to the most customers at one time.

Here are the typical steps we take to restore an outage:

  1. Determine if the outage is on the transmission or distribution system. Power is delivered to cooperative-owned substations over national and regional transmission lines owned and operated by transmission providers. When a transmission line is down, that provider must restore service before we can determine issues on our distribution system. 
  2. Check main distribution circuits, the lines coming out of the substation that carry power throughout our service territory.
  3. Check tap lines, the supply lines that deliver power to transformers.
  4. Check service wires, the lines coming from the transformer that supply power to individual locations.

If your meter base is damaged, an electrical inspection is required before we can restore service. Here is the contact information for southeast Michigan inspectors and southwest Michigan inspectors.

Please do not report your outage by email or through social media as we are not always immediately available.