OWN IT Prepaid Metering Program

Our OWN IT Prepaid Metering Program allows you to pay for your electric service in advance. Say goodbye to deposits, late charges or collection/reconnection fees. 

Why sign up?

This program gives you more control over managing your electricity expenses. You put funds on your account whenever you want and we deduct your balance daily according your electricity usage. 

How does it work?

You add funds to your account and then your amount due is deducted daily, based on a breakdown of current rates and fees, plus a $3 monthly program fee. Your service is remotely disconnected if the account balance is depleted and reconnected when a payment is received. 

How do I add money to my account?

We offer several ways to pay. Check out our Pay Your Bill page for more information.

What happens if I run out of funds on my account?

We notify you of a pending disconnection by phone via an automated message. 

How do I monitor my account?

Through SmartHub, our online and mobile account management platform.

How do I join?

There are no fees to convert an existing account to OWN IT. If you have an existing balance, it must either be paid in full or converted into a payment agreement included in your OWN IT. If you choose to pay it over time, a percentage of each payment made will be applied to the agreement until it is paid in full.

Sign up online or give us a call at 800.492.5989 to get started. 

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