Critical Care Electric Utility Customer

If you or a household member requires home medical equipment or a life-support system, you may have your physician or public health official submit the Michigan Public Service Commission’s Medical Certification Form to postpone the discontinuance of electric utility service or restore service. For power to remain on, this certificate needs to be completed and returned to MEC within three business days. If utility service is a necessity, you must make other arrangements for on-site back-up capabilities or other alternatives in the event of loss of service.

A “critical care customer” means any customer who requires, or has a household member who requires, home medical equipment or a life-support system, and who, on an annual basis, provides a commission-approved medical certification form from a physician or medical facility to the utility identifying the medical equipment or life support system and certifying that an interruption of service would be immediately life-threatening.

Please download the form and fax it to us at  269-445-2380 or mail it to MEC, 60590 Decatur Rd., Cassopolis, MI 49031. This service is available to Michigan residents only.

Download the Form